Overstimulated Zenda


Zenda Sexy and Margout Darko are best friends. Zenda complains that her boyfriend does not satisfy her. Margout then offers herself to help her friend out. Margout is going to make Zenda have multiple orgasms and stimulate until she can’t take it anymore! 

Margout and Zenda kiss touch each other. Then, Margout turns Zenda around with her ass up and starts to finger her hard.  Then Margout licks Zenda’s asshole and eats her ass. Later, Margout grabs a metal dildo and starts to fuck Zenda’s pussy while placing a strong magic wand on her clit. Margout places Zenda with her legs spread open and starts fisting Zenda hard. Then Margout keeps fisting with a suction toy on Zenda’s clit. Zenda is having lots and lots of orgasms. 🙂

Finally, Margout pushes Zenda so she’s laying on her back and ties up her wrists (bondage / Shibari / kinbaku). Margout grabs her strap-on and starts fucking Zenda on missionary very deep. Then she keeps doing it while stimulating her with a vibrator. Zenda is again having lots of orgasms on a way she never did before. Both girls finish the scene hugging each other, with a very very happy and done Zenda!

34min 12 sec.  / 4K