Objectified at the Art Gallery


Margout Darko is at home studying when she receives an audio message from Saara Rei. Saara invites Margout, suspiciously, to become part of her “special” Human Art Project. Margout accepts and goes to Saara’s place. Margout is pulled into a beautiful room with her neck tied by Saara. Saara plays with Margout’s neck and her breath for a while and brings Margout down. Saara ties Margout’s hands making her helpless. Then Saara ties around Margout’s butt and pulls with a rope up making it all round and accessible. Then Saara ties Margout’s hands to her feet (in a daruma shape) making her feel exposed and ashamed. Saara pulls Margout’s ankle up bringing Margout into partial shibari / kinbaku suspension. Saara takes a knife and teases Margout with it, until she rips off Margout’s panties. Margout cries from all the shame she’s feeling. Then, Saara takes an anal plug with a pump and, after lubing it inside Margout’s dirty mouth, stuffs it inside Margout’s tight asshole. Now that Margout is so horny, Saara decides to fist Margout’s pussy a lot until she cums while pumping the butt plug to troll her. Finally, Saara leaves Margout completely objectified and exposed, and goes to her futon to take a nap. This one probably the roughest scene we’ve done so far, and we had a looot of fun shooting it.

26 min 57 sec.  / 4K