Mommy’s little fucktoy Part 1


Margout Darko is checking her phone in her room when her mommy (Shakti) comes in. Mommy asks Margout how her grades are and while Margout tells her, Shatki starts to touch and caress her daughter in a different way than usual (groping). Margout feels a bit creeped out but decides to ignore it. Her mommy tells her that she’s got a surprise on her room so they both go away together.

When they arrive to the room Margout finds out very odd things around: her laptop, ropes, tape, … a strap-on?? Then Mommmy tells Margout that she found out she’s been uploading dirty ads on the internet. OH NO. And she’s got a plan, she won’t tell Margout’s girlfriends and boyfriend she’s such a whore if she becomes her little private whore.

Mommy is very proud of how much Margout has grown and she wants to teach her how to fuck properly. So Margout who is been blackmailed by her own mummy, accepts her demands. Mommy undresses Margout, tapes her hands and gags her with a ballgag. Then fully ties Margout up with rope bondage. Then mommy undresses, takes the strap-on and start to fuck Margout very HARD on missionary and then make Margout suck the dildo clean… What other unnatural desires will happen next? This movie is amazing for taboo and bondage fans!

This is Part 1 of Mommy’s Little Fucktoy. Part 2 is cumming soon!

18 min 23 sec.  / 4K