Melania Dark used & fucked Part 1


Melania Dark is an innocent girl who’s being tied up in shibari rope bondage with her legs and arms completely spread apart (daruma). She’s completely helpless and about to endure lots of torture pleasure. She gets first blinfolded by Mistress Margout Darko. So Melania is uncapable to know what kind of dirty sex will come up next. She gets heavily fingered, and kissed, and spitted on. She is no turned up she starts moaning and moaning. Then she gets to suck passionately a dildo cock and then she’s teased with it on her pussy. Entering her and then having to clean it with her mouth again. Melania can’t stop moaning in pleasure. Finally, Margout grabs an anal plug and teases Melania’s tight asshole with it… What will happen next?

This is Part 1 of Melania Dark used & fucked. Part 2 is also available! And the Full movie

16 min 54 sec.  / 4K