Long Tongue Demon Girl


Margout Darko has being possessed by an evil demon. She’s checking her phone when Saara Rei arrives and tries to nicely start a conversation with her friend. Margout is super mean to Saara until she reveals her true form. Margout grabs Saara by the neck and starts licking all her face. Margout uses her long big tongue to make all Saara’s face wet and dirty, even deep inside Saara’s nostrils. Saara feels very disgusted and confused about her friend’s attitude. Then Margout, grabs Saara by the hair and places her beautiful and smelly feet on Saara’s face. Saara begs to Margout to stop being so mean but Margout is enjoying all the power she has over Saara. After Saara has smelled well enough Margout’s feet, Margout decides to use her long tongue to wrap it around Saara’s neck, choking her. Saara has no breath left so she ends up passing out and Margout leaves her friend there feeling satisfied.

14 min 1 sec.  / 4K