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Latina slaves take revenge


Mistress Margout Darko is instructing her apprentice Shana. For that, Margout got her slave Kinky Ropes as a subject in bondage. But Shana keeps messing up and Margout gets very mean to her (basically being a bitch). Suddenly the lights go off and Shana takes the opportunity to assault Margout, tie her up and take revenge. Margout is then tied up in shibari rope bondage with the legs open. Latinas Shana and Kinky Ropes (now untied) enter the room and start playing with her. The grope her breasts, touch her pussy and play with her mouth while wearing latex gloves. Then fuck Margout with dildos, zap her with electrocutions, whip her and make her cum multiple times. They won’t stop until Margout gets lots of her own medicine.

Note: The first part of the video is in English. The second part (when Margout is tied up) is in Spanish with English subtitles.

23 min 30 sec.  / 4K