I forgot my homework Part 1


Susy Blue and Margout Darko are two schoolgirls who are roommates at the same private school. Margout is going late to the next class so she leaves forgetting her math homework. As soon as she leaves, Susy steals Margout’s secret sex toys and starts to masturbate with them. Then Margout suddenly comes back looking for her homework and interrupting Susy. Susy gets pissed with Margout and asks her to help her out to cum.

Margout kisses Susy and ties her up with rope in shibari / kinbaku bondage. Susy tries to do dirty things to Margout because she’s very horny but Margout doesn’t allow Susy to move. Margout masturbates Susy and makes her super wet, using even a powerful magic wand...

This is Part 1. Now Part 2 is also available! And the Full Movie too!

16 min 56 sec.  / 4K

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