I caught my Boss Part 2


Margout Darko (in full catsuit latex) returns to her secret dungeon to keep tormenting her evil boss Zenda Sexy. This time, she will tie Zenda in very wide open daruma shibari and partially suspend her. Margout places a ring gag on Zenda’s mouth. Then Margout gets a long dildo and fucks Zenda’s mouth with the ring gag on. Later, Margout sticks the dildo into Zenda’s pussy and fucks her with lots of cum lube.

Margout decides to get another dildo and keeps fucking Zenda making her orgasm against her will. Zenda gets punished with lots of whipping on her ass and used pussy. At the end, Margout removes the gag and stuffs into Zenda’s mouth her dirty panties she was wearing for the whole day.

This is Part 2 of I caught my Boss. Now you can also get the Part 1, and the Part 3 (the end).

22 min 34 sec.  / 4K

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