Hooked on you Full Movie


This is a real shibari bondage session between Morea Black and Margout Darko! Margout starts tying Morea up with rope and both get very horny. Then Margout puts Morea on doggy position with ass up and whips her ass for a while with a leather flogger. As Margout knows Morea is an anal slut, she bends Morea’s back in predicament by tying her hair to a metal anal hook for some shame and beautiful suffer.

Right after Margout leaves Morea tied with the anal hook in, she comes back with a magic wand vibrator and masturbates and fucks Morea’s pussy until she comes hard. Then Margout removes the hook from Morea’s butthole and leaves her hopeless, exposed and tied.

This is the Full Movie of Hooked on You. Part 1 and Part 2 are also available!

30 min 48 sec.  / 4K