Hogtied Yoga Class


Brighid is taking private yoga classes with her teacher Margout Darko. Both girls stretch their bodies and raise their butts while wearing yoga clothes and tight yoga pants. Margout orders Brighid to bent over and then grabs a rope from her sports bag and puts her other hand over Brighid’s mouth. Brighid gets very confused and mad by the situation so tries to escape with no success. Then Margout ties Brighid’s hands (shibari / kinbaku / rope bondage) on her back and explains Brighid she betrayed her last time they met and she is about to take her revenge. Margout gags Brighid with a black leather ballgag and ties Brighid on a strict hogtie. Then Margout gets a magic wand vibrator and plays with it on Brighid’s pussy until decides to tie it to her crotch so she can’t escape it. Brighid starts to have multiple orgasms. Margout leaves Brighid alone struggling on hogtie and having bound orgasms.

28 min 50 sec.  / 4K