Foot smelling after training


Xio Xander and Margout Darko have been walking through the mountain for their training for hours! Their feet are sore and very sweaty. Margout removes her trainers to find out her feet smell is very strong and stinky. Xio gets curious about the smell as well and finds the smell of Margout’s feet very strong but somehow appealing. Then Margout smells Xio’s feet, socks and trainers and gets surprised as well by the power of Xio’s feet stink. Both girls then start to smell each other’s feet and lick them and suck each other’s toes. They get very very horny by the smell of their sweaty feet and can’t stop rubbing their beautiful and sweaty soles into each other faces. They both moan in pleasure!

15 min 48 sec.  / 4K