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Fake Plumbers


Zenda Sexy tries to drink some water from the tap when realises that her sink is broken and she can’t get any water. She looks in the internet and finds out a company called “Fake Plumbers“. Zenda decides to call their number and asks them to come over and fix her sink. Suddenly, two plumbers knock at the door. They are Margout Darko and Kinky Ropes carrying lots of equipment. Margout and Kinky, while pretending to fix the sink, check on Zenda’s hot body. When Zenda goes to her room, Margout and Kinky reveal their secret intentions. They both want to capture Zenda and play with her. So they take out two pairs of long opera red gloves from their work bag. They lube each other‘s arms and put on the gloves. Then go to Zenda’s room and hide. When Zenda arrives and sits on her bed, Margout and Kinky come from behind and surprise her with a hand tapping Zenda’s mouth. Zenda is very confused and tries to fight back without success. Margout ties Zenda with duct tape while Kinky taps her mouth with the gloved hand. Then they ballgag Zenda and blindfold her. Zenda lays down while struggling. Margout and Kinky leave her alone. They come back wearing now lingerie and strap-on s. Then they remove the tape and take turns to fuck Zenda in different positions while covering her mouth with a gloved hand. Zenda won’t stop having orgasms. Kinky and Margout finally reveal they are actually NOT plumbers!

50 min 22 sec  / 4K