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Cheater Revenge Part 1


Melania Dark and Zenda Sexy are girlfriends since 2 years ago. They are both chilling at the couch looking at their phones when Melania notices that Zenda doesn’t stop texting. Melania starts to get annoyed and suspicious. So when Zenda goes to the bathroom leaving her phone behind, Melania takes the opportunity to check on Zenda’s phone. Then the truth gets revealed. Zenda has been secretly cheating on her with a girl called Margout Darko. So Melania decides to take revenge. She texts Margout pretending to be Zenda asking her to come over for sex.

Then leaves the phone where it was and when Zenda arrives Melania surprises her with hand over the mouth and tape bondage (and gag). Zenda stays in doll fantasy state in full bondage and Melania leaves the room. Margout arrives and comes in as the door wasn’t locked. Then she discovers Zenda all bound. Melania arrives from behind and covers Margout in full tape bondage (and gag) while in doll fantasy mode. Melania takes both girls to another room. Margout and Zenda are both very mad and afriad. Then Melania grops both girls and uncovers their boobs. Then pulls down her pantyhose and starts facesitting both by turns. Both girls get really smothered by the smell of Melania’s beautiful butthole and pussy hole… What will happen next?!

This is Part 1 of Cheater Revenge. Part 2 is now available!

This movie depicts lots of Damsel in distress scenes and doll fantasy 🙂 We all had lots of fun shooting it, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

40 min 32 sec.  / 4K