Bullying Zenda Sexy


Zenda Sexy is a very good student. She’s finishing some homework in her desk when an intruder comes in. Margout Darko jumps into Zenda from behind and covers her mouth with the hand. Zenda is very scared and confused. Margout reveals she’s a rich bully from school and loves tormenting nerds lives so she will bully Zenda into submission. First ties Zenda’s hands in the back with zip ties. Then gags Zenda with socks and tapes her mouth with grey duct tape. Then Margout ties Zenda in hogtie with more zip ties. Margout sprays Zenda like a dog in an attempt of training her. Then starts to take shots of her with the phone for blackmailing. Later, does bastinado in her feet with a stick and spanks her big butt. Then Margout gets an electric toothbrush and starts to tickle Zenda’s bare feet. Zenda who is very ticklish can’t stop laughing. Margout decides to take a pair of scissors and cuts/rips Zenda’s pyjamas and panties. Finally, Margout blindfolds Zenda, gets a permanent pen and starts to write slurs into Zenda’s naked body. Expect lots of dialogue and verbal humiliation too!

25 min 1 sec.  / 4K