Brat Double Wrapped


Very bratty Zenda Sexy has been misbehaving again. As a punishment, she’s been tied up with rope bondage spread eagle position to the stairs and ballgagged. And you can bet her dear friend Margout Darko will take advantage of this situation! Margout exposes Zenda’s huge boobs and rips off her panties with a knife. Then Margout removes the ballgag, takes off her own used panties and stuffs the panties inside Zenda’s mouth. Then Margout duct tapes Zenda’s mouth with grey tape gag. To make sure Zenda can get rid of the gag, she gags her with another blue tape several times. Then Margout grabs a magic wand hitachi vibrator and gives Zenda several bound orgasms. Zenda fights, squirms, swears and brats but can’t stop been incredibly horny. Then Margout leaves her behind while still tied up, heavily gagged and very wet.

14 min 41 sec.  / 4K